Defective Products

Did you purchase a product, only to take it home and find that it did not do what it was supposed to do? Did you try to return it, only to get no help from the place you bought it from? Have you unsuccessfully tried to deal directly with the manufacturer?

Did the defective product cause harm to you or a member of your family, resulting in medical expenses and other costs?

Businesses should be held accountable when they sell defective products. Consumers have the right to file lawsuits when they have been victimized by these businesses.

When Products are Defective

Product defects can come in many forms. They are extremely common in computers and other electronics, from big screen televisions to car stereos. For example, Caddell & Chapman led a nationwide class action lawsuit filed against Toshiba America Information Systems, Inc. for alleged defects in the Toshiba Satellite®, A70, A75, M30X, and M35X notebook computers, which contained a system defect that caused them to freeze, reboot and/or crash, shut down, and/or lock-up with a black screen due to static electricity. Following a multitude of consumer complaints, Caddell & Chapman was successful in obtaining a nationwide settlement for over 869,000 consumers. Moreover, after obtaining final approval from the Los Angeles Superior Court on May 31, 2007, an impressive 66,906 warranty claims had been fulfilled by Toshiba.

Product defects can occur in cars, automotive products, and more. They can involve minor glitches that are costly to fix, or they can involve complete failure to function. For example, Caddell & Chapman was Lead Counsel in a nationwide multidistrict litigation class action against Ford consolidating 35 cases from around the country concerning its 6.0-liter PowerStroke diesel engines. In 2013, Caddell & Chapman obtained  partial reimbursement for post-warranty engine repair costs on behalf of over 1 million current and former owners of Ford vehicles equipped these engines.  Caddell & Chapman was also involved as co-lead counsel in a class action — which encompassed some 1.2 million class members — against Honda for a defective suspension that caused irregular tire wear in 2006-2007 Honda Civics and certain 2008 Honda Civic Hybrids. On October 28, 2013, Caddell & Chapman received final approval from the U.S. District Court for the Central District of California, which settlement provided replacement of allegedly defective control arms in the class vehicles, as well as partial reimbursement for tires replaced due to premature tire wear.

Many times, these product defects are things that the manufacturer was aware of. Still, the manufacturer let the product into the market, allowing consumers to buy it. This is unacceptable and can rise to the level of consumer fraud.

When Defective Products Cause Harm

A product that doesn’t work is one thing. A product that causes harm because of a defect is something else entirely.

Product liability lawsuits can be filed to seek compensation when a defective product causes personal injury or wrongful death.

Defective Products Impact More Than One Person

The lawyers at the law firm of Caddell & Chapman have more than two decades of experience handling defective products cases on a nationwide basis.

When we learn about a defective product case, the first thing we do is go to work reviewing the situation to determine how many consumers were impacted. Frequently many consumers were affected.

When that occurs, we will file a class action lawsuit seeking compensation for you and all other consumers who suffered damages due to the manufacturer’s negligence.

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