Qui Tam / False Claims Litigation

Whistleblower claims under the False Claims Act for fraud against the government

The False Claims Act (FCA) allows an individual to file a lawsuit against another individual or business that has committed an act of fraud against the United States government, whether directly or indirectly. Examples of fraud may include Medicare fraud, Medicaid fraud, or military defense fraud. These lawsuits are called “qui tam” lawsuits.

A qui tam lawsuit is often filed by an employee or former employee of a business that has defrauded the government. However, other individuals can also file a qui tam lawsuit if they have evidence of fraud against the government.

The law firm of Caddell & Chapman represents whistleblowers throughout the state of Texas and nationwide. For example, we recovered $55 million paid to the United States Government and a confidential amount for attorneys’ fees in health care fraud litigation against Da Vita, one of the nation’s largest dialysis treatment providers. This was one of the largest recoveries in history in a non-intervened qui tam case. We have in-depth knowledge of the False Claims Act and can guide you through the legal process while protecting your confidentiality. Contact us to discuss your potential claim.

Pursuing a Qui Tam Lawsuit Under the False Claims Act – The Whistleblower’s Role

Do you have information about an individual, company, military defense contractor or corporation that has committed fraud against the government? You may be frightened and unsure of what to do. However, it is important to know that if you choose to come forward with information, you are protected by state and federal whistleblower laws. And you can maintain your confidentiality throughout the legal process. Our firm can help you identify a course of legal action and protect your rights along the way. Whistleblowers may be eligible for compensation for reporting fraud, which can be up to 25 percent of the amount recovered.

Coming Forward With Information

As someone with information about fraud against the government, it can be difficult to know where to turn. You may fear retaliation by the person or party that you are exposing. You may be overwhelmed by the thought of coming forward with such critical information.

You do not have to face the process alone. An experienced whistleblower defense attorney can explain the process and help you determine a course of legal action. You may be entitled to significant compensation for reporting the act of fraud by an individual, business or other party. Additionally, your rights are protected by laws. Your employer cannot retaliate against you for reporting the act of fraud.

Working with an attorney who fully understands whistleblower law and the False Claims Act is important when coming forward with information. This is a very complex and detailed area of the law. We represent whistleblowers in Texas and nationwide. To speak to an attorney confidentially about your potential case, please fill out our online contact form or call 713-751-0400 or toll free at 877-553-3057.

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Contact an Experienced Attorney for Whistleblower Protection

Whether you are an employee, former employee, or other individual who wishes to pursue a whistleblower claim, you should speak to an experienced attorney who can explain your options and guide you through the legal process. For more information about reporting an act of fraud against the government and to learn what protections are available to you, the whistleblower, please contact our law firm today.