Defective Computers & Electronics

If you have purchased a defective computer or electronic equipment, you may be able to take legal action to seek compensation for financial damages suffered in your quest to repair or replace the product.

Types of Computer Defects

Computers are complex electronic devices. Defects can come in many forms. Some signs include:

  •  Constant reboots
  •  Persistent crashes
  •  Screen flickers and other screen problems
  •  Battery problems
  •  Hard drive problems
  •  Mother board issues

Defective computers can come from any manufacturer, including Apple, Dell, Sony and Toshiba. Caddell & Chapman was successful in leading a nationwide class action lawsuit filed against Toshiba America Information Systems, Inc. for alleged defects in the Toshiba Satellite® A70, A75, M30X, and M35X notebook computers, which contained a system defect that caused them to freeze, reboot and/or crash, shut down and/or lock-up with a black screen due to static electricity. Following a multitude of consumer complaints, Caddell & Chapman was successful in obtaining a nationwide settlement for the class of over 869,000 consumers. Moreover, after obtaining final approval from the Los Angeles Superior Court on May 31, 2007, an impressive 66,906 warranty claims had been fulfilled by Toshiba.

Frequently, these defects impact more than a single computer. If you have researched the problem online and have learned that other people have experienced the same issues you have, there may be a defect that impacts all computers of a certain model.

In many cases, a warranty may have been issued. Even if the manufacturer repairs the computer according to the warranty, there may still be costs suffered, and it is a major inconvenience.

When You are Not the Only One Who was Sold a Bad Computer

At Caddell & Chapman, our attorneys offer nationwide representation in defective computer disputes. We have more than two decades of experience and have focused our practice specifically on handling significant cases that impact multiple consumers.

When you contact us about your defective computer case, we will do the research. We will find out how many people have been impacted by the same defect.

If we file a class action lawsuit, our goal is to get compensation for you, as well as for everyone who bought the same bad computer that you did.

Contact us today at our office in Houston to discuss your case with an experienced lawyer.