What the Press Says


Caddell & Chapman have argued persuasively that [their Ford/Firestone litigation involving 33 Ford Explorer accidents and more than 180 Venezuelan and Mexican citizens] is firmly linked to Texas. Even their detractors acknowledge as much. ‘Cynthia Chapman is very good at establishing venue,’ says John Opelt, director of Houston-based Citizens Against Lawsuit Abuse.

~Houston Chronicle September 29, 2002


A Texas lawyer with a talent for winning big lawsuits… [has] shifted the balance of power between U.S. companies and the people they employ in their factories across the border . . . [The $30 million dollar settlement is] a big one but not the biggest for Caddell, 45, whose firm has recovered $1.45 billion dollars in cases in the last decade, including a billion dollar settlement in a class action suit against Shell Oil involving defective polybutylene pipe.

~MB, Magazine of the NAFTA Marketplace October 1999


Landmark settlement, cutting edge citizen suit, no previous citizen suit had ever been successfully prosecuted in Texas under the [Clean Air Act].

~Public Justice Spring 2001


A landmark achievement in consumer protection precedent-setting settlement.

~Public Justice Summer 1994

The settlement is a model of how much good can be accomplished through the class action format and how the rights of the consumer can be effectively guarded. The relief is extraordinary.

~Houston Business Journal October 13, 1995.

unprecedented settlement agreement, the largest property damage class action settlement in U.S. history.

~Public Justice Summer 1997


Caddell has taken the Branch Davidians wrongful death case further than any of his colleagues thought possible. Not everything you do can be about money. We take cases we believe in.  Caddell’s the guy who’s making the engine run.  People take him at his word, and they don’t do that with a lot of lawyers in Texas.  Caddell’s persistence in the Branch Davidian case [did] what a criminal trial and congressional hearings had not: punched a hole in the governments defense of its actions at Waco. St. Louis Post-Dispatch March 10, 2000 . . . Caddell’s case this year caused what a previous criminal trial and congressional hearings couldn’t – a hole in the governments consistent denials that they had no complicity in the massive loss of life in Waco.

~Texas Lawyer December 20, 1999

This has never been a case about money. It’s a case about justice. He opened his own firm in 1985 and subsequently won a series of high-profile, big-money cases. I don’t make any apologies at being good at what I do. We work extremely hard here. We’re honest. Ethical. Smart. We take on cases we believe in. By and large, we’re successful. Waco Tribune-Herald May 21, 2000  An uphill battle, but that’s nothing new for Mr. Caddell’s small but tenacious firm, Caddell & Chapman. The discovery of the government’s use of pyrotechnics in preparation for the civil trial was the greatest single blow to the credibility of the FBI in decades.

~National Law Journal September 13, 1999

Mike Caddell: the lawyer who had the greatest impact in 1999 Texas Lawyer December 13, 1999, Cynthia Chapman: one of Americas Top 50 Women Litigators who is a whiz at handling cross-border litigation National Law Journal December 2001, Cynthia Chapman: one of Americas top 40 attorneys under the age of 40 with a wide variety of major litigation.

~National Law Journal July 2002

$343,000 Cy Pres Goes to NCLC 

Michael Caddell, Leonard Bennett, and Christopher Colt North have directed $5 million in cy pres funds to non-profit organizations, including the National Consumer Law Center (NCLC), which received an award of $343,000. The Fair Credit Reporting Act case against LexisNexis settled for close to $21 million, which is one of the largest involving FCRA violations. The class of 270,000 members claimed LexisNexis, over a course of three years, subjected them to illegal background checks and then created too many hurdles for workers who asked for reviews. The award is well-deserved because of all NCLC does to advance the cause of consumers,  said Michael Caddell.

~National Consumer Law Center, Cy Pres Report (Spring 2010)

Cy Pres Awards and Attorneys Support Public Justice Foundation 

Since last November the Public Justice Foundation has received significant funding from five cy pres awards . . . Leonard A. Bennett, of Newport News, Va. with Michael A. Caddell and Cynthia Chapman of Houston, Tx. were responsible for the Public Justice Foundation receiving $880,000 in Williams v. Lexis Nexis in the first week of the New Year.  The Public Justice Foundation is extremely grateful to be the designated recipient . . . and sends a special thank you to all involved.

~Public Justice  (Winter/Spring 2010)