What the Courts Say

Terri N. White, et al., v. Experian Information Solutions, Inc., et al.

Injunctive Relief Class Counsel hit a home run with the injunctive relief settlement:  it achieved virtually everything that Plaintiffs could have achieved had they prevailed on their claims for injunctive relief after full litigation.  The injunctive relief settlement thus represents a complete victory for the injunctive relief class members.  It also serves the public good:  society at large benefits from the increased accuracy in the field of credit reporting that the injunctive relief settlement has triggered. Plaintiff’s case presented largely novel, complex questions.  Ascertaining a solution to these complicated problems therefore required significant skill.  Injunctive Relief Class Counsel rose to the occasion, all the while operating under a contingent fee arrangement that offered no guarantee of compensation.

~ Judge David O. Carter, July 15, 2011

 Class Counsel has worked on behalf of the class for almost six years.  Their efforts resulted in a $45 million settlement — the second largest settlement in the history of the FCRA.

~ Judge David O. Carter, July 15, 2011

Equifax  Bankruptcy:

I think an incredible accomplishment was accomplished by both sides in terms of the injunctive relief . . . [which] I think turns out to be a substantial benefit for the public. . . I think you’ve made such magnificent strides in terms of the injunctive relief, quite frankly, that I’ve got a lot of confidence in you.

~United States District Judge David O. Carter, Central District of California, Santa Ana, California; October 27, 2009

In Re: Trans Union Corp., Privacy Litigation:

… [T]he settlement agreement that was achieved here is both an impressive achievement and a creative result.

~Edward W. Feldman, Special Master, September 11, 2009

Hyundai  National Class Action Settlement: 

A tremendous accomplishment, you’ve done a terrific job, the settlement is as fair and reasonable as could have been arrived at.

~Superior Court Judge Stephen J. Sunvold, Orange County, California, June 16, 2004

In Re: Britestarr Contested Motion to Retain Special Counsel:

I know Mr. Caddell. I’ve seen his work. I know of his level of competency.  He’s a notable trial attorney.

~ Deidre Martini, United States Trustee for Region 2.

I think he’s got a national reputation he’s competent. Mr. Caddell appeared before the Court and my recollection is that he comported himself very well.

~United States Bankruptcy Judge Alan H.W. Shiff, Bridgeport, Connecticut

Mr. Caddell is more than competent, he is a pugnacious bulldog and where there are grounds to make a recovery he usually does.  Where the fire is the hottest people tend to get scorched once in a while, and Mr. Caddell takes cases where the fire is as hot as it gets. . .

~Steven Mackey, Office of the United States Trustee, Region 2 United States Bankruptcy Court, District of Connecticut, June 3, 2003

Equifax, Transunion, and Experian National Class Action Settlement:

[T]he involvement of Objectors’ Counsel [led by Caddell & Chapman] aided in improving the settlement terms, the value to the class has . . . clearly been improved through the modifications to the Stipulations of Settlement, and Objectors’ Counsel [for whom Michael Caddell served as lead counsel] contributed to the final successful settlements.

~United States District Judge Cameron Currie, Columbia, South Carolina, April 21, 2004 

In Re: Wireless Telephone Federal Cost Recovery Fees Litigation National Class Action Settlement:

Several of the suggestions made [by the Caddell & Chapman group] were incorporated into the final settlement and Caddell and his co-counsel, contributed significantly, to the final settlement.

~United States District Judge Fernando Gaitan, Kansas City, Missouri, July 8, 2004

Bellorin v. Ford and Firestone (32 foreign death cases):

Mr. Caddell, you and your office have a gold-plated reputation as good and thorough and thoughtful lawyers.

~United States District Judge Royal Furgeson, Western District of Texas, March 5, 2002