What Clients Say

Hi Cory, thank you for this good news, and thank you for listening to us and then taking on our cause.  I know that you and your colleagues put forth a lot of effort on this case (over 6 million pages from Ford!) and I hope that it has proven to be worth your time.  Hopefully, Judge Kennelly will approve the settlement and we can all move on to new concerns.  Again, thank you, Kathy, and everyone at your firm for your patience and assistance and for this very good outcome.

~ Sue Dewar, CFO, Custom Underground, Inc.,  November 12, 2012

 Cory, thanks for your work on this.  It delights me to make Ford pay at least something to the thousands of us who trusted them enough to spend thousands of dollars on trucks they knew they misrepresented to us as consumers.  It may hurt them just enough to consider their business model before they do this deliberately another time . . .  My experience with your firm has been 100% positive and I appreciate your attention to all my little details.

~ Georjean Vogt,  November 12, 2012

My company is a leading provider of finishing services to major domestic and international mills that manufacture tubular goods for the oilfield and chemical plant industries. When my company was in its earlier stages, a large competitor tried to put us out of business by making false allegations about the technology we used and disparaging me and my company to clients and potential clients. I hired Caddell & Chapman to represent me. Mike Caddell and Cory Fein at Caddell & Chapman aggressively litigated my case and we ended up with a great result. I worked closely with the lawyers at Caddell & Chapman throughout the litigation. I saw first-hand their excellent work and was extremely satisfied with the excellent results they obtained. I give them my highest recommendation.

~ David Siverling, President, OCTG, LLP

Mr. Fein, your letter to me touched my heart. The law firm of Caddell & Chapman is fortunate to have a man of your compassion working in the firm. The letter from Ford Motor Co. telling me a fire caused by the Speed Deactivation Switch would disable the braking system was certainly true. My wife had just enough time from the start of the fire to hit the brake one time just before she began to spin out of control. My wife was injured for life. I hope Ford Motor Co. can live with [its] decision knowing what happened. Thank you and [Caddell & Chapman] for all of your kindness and help. God will bless you.

~ Rev. R.E. and Carroll Pedigo

 Congratulations on your efforts for settlement on [Ford Ambulance]. I can tell you that these vehicles are a nightmare, and it is nice to know that the manufacturer is being held appropriately accountable. Nice job, and thanks again for your help.

~ Ken Rounds, August 5, 2009

  . . . I appreciate all the hard work you and everyone at Caddell & Chapman fought for [my husband and son].  Please pass my sincerest thanks to everyone.

~ Tawna Andrews, July 1, 2009

 Thanks so much Cory for your effort.  I know there are a million things that you could be doing with your valuable time and yet you were kind enough to take my call and also help, it is comforting to know that people like you exist and that Caddell & Chapman give people like me faith in humanity.

 ~ Mary Rufus,  January 11, 2009

. . . [Mike Caddell] one of the best trial lawyers in the country. You guys are awesome. I am sitting here reflecting on the last week of depositions and thinking how impressive each of you are. From George’s tireless work at putting together outlines, depos, etc. to Cynthia’s constant support and hard work to Mike’s mastery of the depositions you are a great team. We at Tetco really appreciate your efforts and counsel. Keep it up!

~ Tracy Boyer, Vice President, Tetco, San Antonio, Texas

 On behalf of the families of the deceased in Cause No. 97-07-14606 CV, 365th Judicial District Court of Maverick County, Texas we wish to declare our profound and sincere appreciation and gratitude forever to MIKE CADDELL and CYNTHIA CHAPMAN for your assistance, both moral and economic, for your honesty and nobility, and also for your excellent service in defending and in seeking justice for all involved in the case.

~ Signed,  40 Clients Ejido Alfredo V. Bonfil Mpio. de San Fernando, Tam

Although I do not usually respond to your status reports, I wanted you [Mike Caddell] to know of our great admiration and support of your efforts on these matters, which I understand have been quite difficult.

~ Patrick T. Jones, Cooley Mansion Jones, LLP Boston, Massachusetts

I would like to express my extreme pleasure over the performance of your firm at the Sta-Fed ADR hearings. Both the [Arochem bankruptcy] trustee and I believe that our chance of success on the application to employ counsel was greatly increased by the Sta-Fed proceedings.

~ Timothy D. Miltenberger

I want to express that I am grateful for the attention from all of you, of Sara, the attorneys Cynthia and Mike, and all of the law firm. Aside from being excellent lawyers, you are excellent persons, particularly the focus and attention during these difficult times that you extend trust and courtesy. In this difficult case where I lost my wife, Diana, I am left with the two children that we raised with so much love, and now with your friendship and Diana’s guidance from heaven, I am grateful because these boys will not suffer economically if something would ever happen to me. God bless you and many, many thanks to all of you.

~ Dr. Bulmaro Acuña Roman Mexico

In reality, we (I speak for my sisters also) feel very happy and grateful to you for the great work that you all have carried out in this great battle against two giants like Ford and Firestone, and I say it correctly since I know what it is like in our law profession, because I practice here in Venezuela. I want these modest words to get to all of the Caddell & Chapman law office, especially to Michael and Cynthia, whom I understand are the founders of the law firm, and without taking away any merit from the rest of the members, attorneys, assistants, secretaries, etc.

~ Freddy Rangel Rodriguez

We again reiterate our gratitude in such arduous work. A very special greeting to Ms. Cynthia, Lillian, Cesar, Joe, Charles, among others and of course you Dr. Michael . . . a thousand thanks . . . It hurts us to say goodbye but we hope not to lose such a beautiful friendship, affection, and attention that you always had with us. . . Again A THOUSAND THANKS. . .

~ Carlos Cordero, Yubiry de Cordero, y Clara Ines Garcia; Venezuela

 My greetings to Mike and Cynthia; tell them not to forget that here in this corner of the world there is a FRIEND who likes them and misses them a lot. May God and the Virgin from Heaven take care of and always accompany each one of you who integrate such prestigious law office of attorneys in the United States and in the world. Thanks, thanks and never forget that you are appreciated.

~ Erikson Orlando Lara Rosario; Venezuela

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. I wish I could explain the feeling I have right now!! It is like a total release. It is hard to believe that it is finish[ed]. Thank you again for everything. We’ll be in touch.

~ Eduardo Macias

There are no word[s] to express my appreciation to you for your professional and personal assistance with this unfortunate accident. We were truly blessed when Dr. Bentley referred you to represent us. My father was not a man with fancy words, but he would have approved of the outcome. He and his family will always be grateful that you provide[d] us part of the American dream which was the whole reason why he came to the US many years ago.

~  Marisela Hernandez

 . . . thank you very much for your response. It is not very often that prompt response, attentiveness to the problem, representation/protection of a client up is at the level you’re providing. Outstanding work! I sincerely appreciate it.


We are very appreciative of the efforts of the plaintiffs who filed this litigation against Ford, and you as counsel who have moved this into the appropriate venue for resolution.