Community Involvement

Community Involvement

Caddell & Chapman takes a serious approach to serving the community that has provided so much to so many. Its involvement started in 2006 when the firm received a simple request from an educator from Kirby Middle School (now Forest Brook Middle School): Betty Rasmus asked whether the firm would be willing to donate bicycles to two of the school’s top eighth-grade students who scored the highest GPA. The answer was an easy one. Caddell & Chapman partnered with Forest Brook Middle School in 2006 and has been donating bicycles and computers ever since. Each year, Caddell & Chapman donates bicycles and laptops to students who excel during the school year. In 2010, seven students were recognized at the school’s end of the year recognition ceremony for the achievements they attained during the past year. Each of these seven students was a beneficiary of a bicycle or a laptop. In return, Caddell & Chapman received heart-warming thank you notes from the students.

Caddell & Chapman cares about the community and these kids. The firm’s donation program is an incentive for these kids to do whatever it takes to improve academically and to foster the students’ education so they can be better equipped as they continue to work toward their goal of higher education. A simple gesture of caring produced an enormous impact on these kids. The following are letters received by Caddell & Chapman from the recipients:

Dear Caddell and Chapman,

I just want to say thank you very much for the bike. I really love it. When Ms. Rasmus started calling out names for the bikes, I just sat there not expecting to hear my name. I knew I had worked hard and had made good grades, but I figured someone else had done better. Then the unthinkable happened. My name was called. I sat there for a spell and just smiled. You see, I had never won anything of this magnitude before. I really can’t thank you enough.

Jose Barrientos, Forest Brook Middle School

Dear Caddell and Chapman,

I am writing this letter to thank you for the bike I received on recognition day. It was a memorable moment when they called my name. The feelings I had were confusion, happiness, and excitement when I received the bicycle. I was shocked because I didn’t think I would have the highest GPA in science. I did my best and got through the lessons. The feeling of being rewarded for my success is something I wish to experience again. Thank you once again. Now I realize that my hard work can be recognized.

Leslie Moreno, Forest Brook Middle School

Dear Mr. Caddell,

When I woke up Friday morning and got ready for our recognition ceremony, I didn’t know what I was going to get. I thought I was only going to get a couple of papers and maybe a medal or two. I never thought I was going to get more than that. After they called all of us to get our diplomas, I sat down and thought, “Ok, it’s going to be boring now.” Just then they called my name. I was happy when I saw my bike being brought and placed in front of me. Thanks so much for the bike. I have been wanting a bicycle for the longest time. I really love it. I like the color and the design–even my dad wanted the bike. I could hardly keep him off of it. Thanks for investing in our present and our future.

Amy Ortega, Forest Brook Middle School

Dear Corporate Sponsor,

Words can’t explain the joy you have given to me! When I came to school on May 28, 2010, all I expected was to recite my farewell poem and to receive a few certificates. I not only received awards and much support, but also a brand new bicycle! I was astonished and amazed to hear my name called. At that moment, I started to thank God for sending you guys to us. You guys are wonderful and may God bless you, your family, friends, and colleagues. You’re awesome!

Kimbre Thompson, Forest Brook Middle School

Dear Corporate Sponsor:

I had no expectations of receiving anything beyond a few certificates or trophies. When my teacher called my name to receive my awards, I was excited; however, when my teacher announced the best student for every subject, I felt as if I was not going to receive the laptop. After she announced the top female and gave her the laptop, she paused for a mement and said, “The top male is . . . Lorenzo Mendez.” My mouth dropped. All my hard work had been recognized. I actually thought the laptop would be the smaller version, but when I saw it, I realized it was a regular-sized laptop! I would like to thank you for providing a special gift for hard-working students. Thanks to all of you at Caddell and Chapman.

Lorenzo Mendez, Forest Brook Middle School

Dear Caddell and Chapman,

I just wanted to give a special thanks for making Friday, May 28, 2010, a magnificent day to remember. My family and my friends were there, but what put the cherry on the top was receiving a laptop from your company. It was an honor to be rewarded with such a gift. I really didn’t expect to receive the laptop; I thought I was going to get a bicycle, but when they ran out of bicycles my hopes were crushed. I didn’t think there were any more gifts, so I slumped in my chair and waited for the program to be over. Just as I was doing that I heard Ms. Rasmus call my name. She said, “This is the overall top female.” My heart dropped and I took a moment to gather myself and try to understand what just occurred. As I walked across the stage and as the teacher gave me the laptop, I felt so privileged. My heart was still racing. I stared at the laptop as I drove home that day. I still couldn’t believe what happened that day. Now I can get on the computer whenever I want without interrupting my mom while she does her homework. And now I’m sitting here thanking you for making me feel important. I will never forget that day and all of you at Caddell and Chapman.

Kristal Almaraz. Forest Brook Middle School