What Peers Say

Randall Jones

Mike [is] one of the best trial lawyers that I [have] ever worked with . . .your work up of the Rebel Oil case and Mike’s presentation at the mediation crushed the other side.

~Randall Jones, Harrison, Kemp & Jones, LLP, Las Vegas, Nevada

Ken Lewis

. . . I deeply appreciate the quality and timeliness of the motion and briefing work you did in this case.  I have been doing this work for almost 35 years and  have worked with and against a lot of lawyers around the country.  I don’t believe that any of them did a better job than you did in this case.  It was a pleasure to work with you on this.  Thank you very much.

~Ken Lewis, Bush Lewis, PLLC

Geoff Miller

 Having worked closely with [Caddell & Chapman], I can also attest that they are among the finest class action attorneys I have been privileged to know during my two decades of experience in this field of law.  They not only possess excellent analytical and rhetorical skills, but—more importantly—displayed remarkable qualities of judgment, imagination and persistence.

~ Prof. Geoff Miller

Sue Sere

Extraordinary work. I can’t recall a time when reading a complaint brought tears to my eyes, but you have so eloquently conveyed the plight of these evacuees I felt like I was reliving the disasters. Thank you so much for taking on this massive project.

~Sue Sere, Lone Star Legal, Austin, Texas