What Courts Say

Steven Mackey

 Mr. Caddell is more than competent, he is a pugnacious bulldog and where there are grounds to make a recovery he usually does.  Where the fire is the hottest people tend to get scorched once in a while, and Mr. Caddell takes cases where the fire is as hot as it gets. . .

~Steven Mackey, Office of the United States Trustee, Region 2 United States Bankruptcy Court, District of Connecticut, June 3, 2003

Alan H.W. Shiff

I think he’s got a national reputation he’s competent. Mr. Caddell appeared before the Court and my recollection is that he comported himself very well.

~United States Bankruptcy Judge Alan H.W. Shiff, Bridgeport, Connecticut

Stephen J. Sunvold

A tremendous accomplishment, you’ve done a terrific job, the settlement is as fair and reasonable as could have been arrived at.

~Superior Court Judge Stephen J. Sunvold, Orange County, California, June 16, 2004

Judge Royal Ferguson

Mr. Caddell, you and your office have a gold-plated reputation as good and thorough and thoughtful lawyers.

~United States District Judge Royal Furgeson, Western District of Texas, March 5, 2002