What Clients Say

Marisela Hernandez

There are no word[s] to express my appreciation to you for your professional and personal assistance with this unfortunate accident. We were truly blessed when Dr. Bentley referred you to represent us. My father . . . and his family will always be grateful that you provide[d] us part of the American dream which was the whole reason why he came to the US many years ago.

~ Marisela Hernandez

Freddy Rodriguez

In reality, we (I speak for my sisters also) feel very happy and grateful to you for the great work that you all have carried out in this great battle against two giants like Ford and Firestone, and I say it correctly since I know what it is like in our law profession, because I practice here in Venezuela.

~ Freddy Rangel Rodriguez

40 Clients Ejido Alfredo V. Bonfil Mpio. de San Fernando, Tam

On behalf of the families of the deceased . . . we wish to declare our profound and sincere appreciation and gratitude forever to MIKE CADDELL and CYNTHIA CHAPMAN for your assistance, both moral and economic, for your honesty and nobility, and also for your excellent service in defending and in seeking justice for all involved in the case.

~ Signed,  40 Clients Ejido Alfredo V. Bonfil Mpio. de San Fernando, Tam


 . . . [Mike Caddell] one of the best trial lawyers in the country. You guys are awesome. I am sitting here reflecting on the last week of depositions and thinking how impressive each of you are. From George’s tireless work at putting together outlines, depos, etc. to Cynthia’s constant support and hard work to Mike’s mastery of the depositions you are a great team. We at Tetco really appreciate your efforts and counsel. Keep it up!

~ Tracy Boyer, Vice President, Tetco, San Antonio, Texas