Partnership and Shareholder Disputes

Lawyer For Business Partnership and Shareholder Disputes

Internal disputes are uniquely complicated and sensitive. When a law firm steps in to assist a business in resolving partnership and shareholder disputes, it is important that the attorneys understand the complexities of handling internal disputes.

At the law firm of Caddell & Chapman, our reputation has been built on understanding complexities. We know that, particularly in cases of partnership and shareholder disputes, it can be crucial not only to resolve the situation, but to do so while striving to maintain important business relationships.

Our goal is to help our clients achieve the most positive outcome, in a manner that is also efficient and economical. We have a proven record of doing just that.

Types of Partnership and Shareholder Disputes

Disputes between business partners can arise over a wide range of matters. Most frequently, they are over financial concerns. However, they can also extend to arguments over how the business is governed or succession plans for the business.

Shareholder disputes can arise over similar concerns, often taking place between majority shareholders and minority shareholders. Minority shareholders may feel that their voice isn’t being heard or that the majority shareholders are not providing them with their fair share of profits.

All of these partnership and shareholder disputes are damaging in many ways, particularly in taking focus away from day-to-day operations.

Representing Businesses Nationwide

From our office in Houston, we have spent more than two decades representing businesses in Texas and nationwide.

When a business turns to us for assistance with a partnership or shareholder dispute, we will make it clear that we are ready to take an aggressive, creative approach to meeting its objectives.

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