Intellectual Property Litigation

If you believe that your business has been the victim of patent or trademark infringement, you have the right to take action.

If your business has been named in a lawsuit, with another business claiming you violated its patent or infringed upon its trademark or license agreement, you have the right to defend it.

At the law firm of Caddell & Chapman, our attorneys are willing to stand up to the strongest opponents in order to get results for our clients. Caddell & Chapman successfully litigated a commercial disparagement, defamation, and unfair competition case against a major U.S. corporation in which the firm ultimately settled issues of trade secrets, patent infringement, and future lost profits. Moreover, the firm was successful in obtaining a substantial recovery in another trade secrets case against a Fortune 500 company after the firm reversed a trial court summary judgment on appeal and successfully defended a counter suit for anti-trust tying at trial in federal court. We can be aggressive, and we know that is what is often required to resolve an intellectual property dispute.

Protecting What Makes Your Business Unique

Intellectual property can play a significant role in making one business stand out from the next. A patent can allow a business to produce an item that no other business can replicate. A trademark can make an item stand out from the countless others that may be available to consumers.

Our lawyers are willing to be aggressive in order to protect the patents and trademarks that make our clients stand out from the rest. We are willing to stand up to major businesses, using our two decades of experience to level the playing field.

We also handle disputes over trade secrets, which are a unique type of intellectual property.

Representing Businesses Throughout the United States

Based in Texas, our law firm Kenneth S. Nugent has the ability to represent businesses on a nationwide basis.

From one courtroom to the next, we are able to put effective legal strategies into play to protect our clients against even the biggest opponents.

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