Fire Cause & Origin


At the law firm of Caddell & Chapman, we have more than two decades of experience taking on cases investigating the cause and origin of catastrophic fires. Our lawyers are dedicated to handling significant cases against major businesses with plenty of resources on their side. We have an impressive record of success in these challenging cases.

Getting to the Bottom of the Cause of Fires

When we take a case, we are prepared to take swift action. We work with experts to investigate what caused the fire, where it started, and who was responsible. We have had a number of notable cases representing fire victims, including the following:

California Wine Country Wildfires

On October 25, 2017, Caddell & Chapman filed a class action lawsuit in Napa County Superior Court on behalf of victims of the Atlas Peak fire. The wildfires that burned across the California Wine Country in October 2017 have become one of the worst disasters in California history. 43 people are dead; more than 150,000 acres have been burned; and more than 14,700 homes, 728 businesses, and 3,600 vehicles were damaged or destroyed. Over half a dozen fires burned in eight counties—including the Atlas and Nuns fires in Napa County, the Tubbs fire in Sonoma County, the Redwood fire in Mendocino County, the Cherokee fire in Butte County, and the Lobo Fire in Nevada County.

Caddell & Chapman is consulting with cause and origin fire experts to continue to investigate what caused this disaster and what remedies may be available to persons affected by the wildfires. If you were injured in the fires or have relevant information, please contact Amy Tabor at 713-751-0400 for a free consultation or send us an email using our contact form. If we take your case, you will not be responsible for any fees or expenses unless we make a recovery on your behalf.

Representation of Children Injured in Branch Davidian Complex Fire

Caddell & Chapman has demonstrated its willingness to work for the underdog through its representation of families in litigation against the government. Caddell & Chapman represented children who were injured in the catastrophic fire, when more than 70 agents from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms raided the Branch Davidian compound in Waco, Texas. Caddell & Chapman worked with experts and made extensive use of infrared technology to investigate what caused the fire. No matter how high profile the case or how large the defendant, Caddell & Chapman is committed to pursuing cases aggressively.

Products Liability Suit Against International Electronics Corporation

Caddell & Chapman successfully represented the family of a young girl in a products liability lawsuit against an international electronics corporation. The lawsuit alleged that an electronic appliance failed and caused a house fire. The fire had started in a children’s bedroom, and a young girl sleeping on a top bunk received terrible second and third degree burn injuries to roughly one-third of her body. The product manufacturer agreed that the fire began in the child’s room but claimed that the fire could not have started as the family claimed. Hiring a team of experts and investing hundreds of thousands of dollars into the case, Caddell & Chapman conducted a thorough investigation of the fire and the appliance at issue. The law firm’s work included two full-scale burn tests to prove its theory of how the fire started. Such testing required re-creation of the children’s room with precise measurements and the purchase of comparable furniture appliances, clothing, opening (door and window), and other materials. With nine cameras monitoring the room, the firm and its experts started the fire at the appliance under scrutiny and watched as the fire spread through the room as had been observed by witnesses. Soon after completion of these tests, the electronics manufacturer settled for more than it had paid on any prior personal injury claim. (Note: Under terms of the settlement, the firm cannot identify or allude to the name of the electronics company.)

The variety of possible causes of a fire or an explosion is surprisingly wide. Our law firm has seen cases involving burns caused by defective car ignition switches, baby wipe warmers, stereos, and other electrical home appliances. Cases can also involve fires and explosions due to defective gas tanks in cars and pickup trucks.

No matter what caused the fire, we will seek full compensation for our clients.

Aggressive, Creative Representation

From our office in Houston, Texas, our law firm is available to work on a nationwide basis in significant fire cause and origin cases.

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