Construction Litigation

Experienced Lawyer For Construction Litigation

The building that a business occupies is often critical to the success of the business. If that building has a design defect, an architectural problem or any type of structural error, it can be very costly for the business.  Caddell & Chapman represented Park Memorial Condominium Association in litigation against Lexington Insurance company for breach of contract in failing to indemnify Park Memorial for covered damages at the condominiums in accordance with the conditions of the policy. Park Memorial submitted an insurance claim to Lexington related to partial collapse at the Park Memorial Condominiums. As a matter of fact, the physical and structural damage was so severe that the City of Houston ordered the residents to vacate the property because the buildings created a hazard to human life or property. Lexington denied the claim and refused to make payment. Park Memorial’s damages were estimated at $26.5 million. After intense pre-trial preparations, the case was settled for a confidential amount three days before trial.

At the law firm of Caddell & Chapman, our attorneys represent all types of businesses in construction litigation.

We can represent condominium owners with faulty condos that they cannot rent at the planned rate. We can represent mall owners who are forced to spend large amounts of money to fix errors that should not have been present in the first place. We can represent restaurant owners who wanted to open a new store, but must rebuild after a partial collapse.

Every Construction Litigation Case is Different

There are very few trends when it comes to construction problems. Every case truly is different, which means that investigation is crucial.

At our law firm, we understand the importance of being thorough in reviewing the case. We will take great care to determine what went wrong and who is responsible for it. Our lawyers will go over the history of the project before taking action.

From errors that go back to the initial design to problems caused by faulty materials, we can handle all types of construction litigation.

For example, Caddell & Chapman handled a major construction defect case involving a new $100 million 31-story condominium tower at South Padre Island in Texas. Representing the owner, Caddell & Chapman successfully handled multi-party claims/issues which will result in implosion of the tower and return of the cleaned-up site free of liens and claims to the owner.

Representing Businesses Nationwide

From our office in Houston, we represent businesses nationwide. Our experience is extensive in construction dispute litigation. In fact, we have been doing this for more than two decades, achieving success in the most complex cases.

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