Business Disputes

What does it take to achieve a successful outcome in a business dispute?

At the law firm of Caddell & Chapman, we believe that many factors are required to achieve success. Creativity is only one of them, but it is an important one.

Our attorneys are willing to be creative. We do not paint by the numbers. We use innovative legal arguments in order to get results for the businesses we represent.

While we are creative, we do not experiment at the expense of our clients. Our experience means we understand the importance of carefully planning every step to ensure it is a step in the right direction.

Breach of Contract Claims

Our attorneys are experienced in handling breach of contract claims on behalf of business who have been wronged.  If your business suffered because a counterparty failed to live up to its promises, contact us.  Our reputation is built on our ability to walk into any courtroom and achieve our client’s goals, even when facing large, multinational businesses.

Business Fraud Claims

In some cases, there may be allegations of blatant misrepresentation. A business may have been sold by telling the buyer that the profitability of the business was much higher than it actually turned out to be.

These issues may involve fraud in the inducement, cases in which one party promised an extra-contractual benefit that they did not fulfill.

Our Success in Commercial Disputes

In a 1998 partnership entered into between Tetco Stores, L.P., Spot Services L.P., and Mobil Oil Corporation, there was an alleged breach of contract and fraud with respect to the marketing of fuel in Texas. Caddell & Chapman represented Tetco Stores, L.P. and Spot Services L.P. against Exxon Mobil Oil Corporation in this commercial dispute. After a five-week trial in San Antonio, Texas, the jury awarded $31.4 million in breach of contract damages to Tetco Stores and $2.2 million in fraud damages to Spot Services. According to Verdict Search, the $33.3 million verdict was the 10th largest verdict in Texas in 2006 and the 52nd largest verdict in the United States.

Caddell & Chapman was also involved in a national class action commercial fraud and antitrust price fixing case involving the metal building insulation industry, which resulted in a $1.7 million cash settlement without any objections from the class.

Representing Businesses Nationwide

From our office in Houston, we represent businesses throughout the United States in commercial disputes.

Since our establishment in 1985, we have made a point of leveling the playing field by taking on major opponents and walking away with positive outcomes for our clients.

Contact us today to discuss your case with an experienced lawyer.