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Through the use of contingent fee and referring counsel agreements, Caddell & Chapman affords injured parties throughout the United States and around the world the ability to retain some of the most talented and aggressive trial lawyers in the nation. Since the inception of the Firm, tens of millions of dollars in attorneys’ fees have been paid to lawyers who referred litigation to the firm. Subject to the laws and ethical guidelines of the states in which the firm practices, Caddell & Chapman offers referring counsel generous referral fees and the opportunity to remain an integral part of their clients’ case.

Depending on the degree of difficulty of a case, the type of case (personal injury, class action, etc.), the amount of time and expense anticipated, and the level of involvement of our referring counsel, our referral fees range from 5 to 50%. Our aggressive pre-trial practice, our willingness to try cases in any venue (including past trials in such venues as Eagles Pass, Texas and San Francisco), and our record of actual recoveries for attorneys from around the country who have been rewarded for entrusting us with their most valued clients and cases.

Whether a case requires specialized legal or technical knowledge or when defendants are attempting to overwhelm Plaintiffs’ counsel with huge expenditures of time and resources, we can assist. We have litigated successfully against some of the largest corporations and law firms in America, in part because most of our lawyers come from large law firms, used to represent large corporations, and we know how they think. Because of our national practice and our involvement in national associations, we stay on top of trends in ongoing litigation.

If you have a large commercial dispute, a potential class action, or a catastrophic injury claim, we can help. Alternatively, if you find yourself needing assistance in an ongoing case, we are willing to discuss how we may be of assistance. By maximizing our clients’ recoveries, we hope to continue to pay millions of dollars in referral fees for years to come.

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