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Houston Lawyers For SUV & Truck Rollover Accidents

Have you or has a member of your family suffered a disabling personal injury in a motor vehicle rollover accident? Have you lost a loved one due to wrongful death in this type of accident?

Caddell & Chapman represented families in products liability and catastrophic injury claims arising from Firestone tire detreads and Ford Explorer rollovers in Venezuela, Mexico, and Panama (involving 26 accidents and 24 deaths), which required the firm to successfully defend, at the Texas Supreme Court, three mandamus efforts by Ford/Firestone. The terms of the families' settlement are confidential.

Moreover, Michael Caddell, Cynthia Chapman, and John Scofield successfully prosecuted claims in Los Angeles, California against Ford Motor Company and Budget Rent A Car Systems, Inc. arising from the rollover of a 2004 Ford E350 van. The case arose after 21 family members rented three vans and drove from California to Texas. While in West Texas, the driven members in the other vans watched. Due to the instability of the van, the driver was unable to regain control of the vehicle. In the rollover event that followed, the van's passenger doors unlatched and opened, all the van's windows shattered, and several of the seat belts failed to restrain the occupants. Three children and one adult were ejected through the van's open doors and windows, and all of the ejected passengers died. The four other occupants of the van were injured. The family alleged that Budget failed to follow its own protocols and also alleged that the van was defective due to its instability and Ford's failure to protect the passengers with proper doors, windows, and seat belts. The terms of the family's settlement are confidential.

At the law firm of Caddell & Chapman, we believe that cars, trucks, SUVs, and other motor vehicles should be designed with safety in mind. Many motor vehicles are. However, if a rollover accident leads to roof crush, it is possible that the vehicle was not designed properly or parts of the vehicle, such as the vehicle's stability system or tires, were defective. In these situations, the vehicle maker could be held accountable in a product liability lawsuit. Our attorneys will take action to pursue full compensation for you.

How to Determine Defective Design of a Motor Vehicle

In rollover accident cases that we believe were caused by defective design, the use of experts is crucial.

We have spent more than two decades handling these types of cases. We have developed an impressive network of professionals that we can enlist to help us build our legal strategy. From engineers to crashworthiness experts, we know who to consult for the evaluation and development of your claim.

When we bring in experts, we have to keep in mind that we need them for more than just proving that a design defect caused an accident. We need them to explain it if the case must be taken in front of a jury. They need to be able to communicate these very complex matters to average people. This is critical.

Holding Motor Vehicle Manufacturers Accountable

Vehicles are bought in good faith, with customers trusting that the vehicles will be safe. When this trust is betrayed, our lawyers will hold the manufacturer accountable.

From our office in Houston, our law firm is able to stand up for the rights of rollover accident victims in Texas and throughout the nation.

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