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Samsung Color Laser Printer Cartridge Mislabeling

Caddell & Chapman is investigating allegations as to whether Samsung is mislabeling its "low-yield" Samsung color laser printer cartridges with the model number for "high-yield" cartridges, and thus causing customers to pay the cost of high-yield cartridges (about $130) when they are only receiving low-yield cartridges (which sell for about $90 and last only half as long as high-yield cartridges).

If you believe you may have received low-yield Samsung cartridges when paying for high-yield cartridges and would like to discuss a potential class action, please contact Cory Fein at csf@caddellchapman.com.


*** The use of the name "Samsung" is solely for informational and product identification purposes.  Caddell & Chapman is not in any way affiliated with Samsung.


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