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HOTELS.COM - Providing Rooms Inferior to Rooms Booked on Website

Caddell & Chapman is investigating complaints by Hotels.com* customers who booked rooms through hotels.com and were given an inferior room to the one they booked.

If you have had this experience when booking a hotel room through hotels.com and would like to discuss this, we will do so at no charge to you.

If we believe you have a valid claim that is suitable for a class action, and that you would be an adequate representative of those in a similar situation, we can explore the possibility of filing a class action against Expedia, the parent company of hotels.com, with you serving as a class representative. If we decide to do so, we would handle the case on a contingent basis, meaning you would not be responsible for paying any fees or expenses; rather, such fees or expenses would only be recovered if the case is successful, and would be paid either by the defendant or out of the relief obtained for the class.

If you would like to speak to an attorney about your complaint, click here to send your message to an attorney at Caddell & Chapman.

* The use of the names "hotels.com" and "Expedia" is solely for informational and product identification purposes. Caddell & Chapman is not affiliated in any way with hotels.com or Expedia.

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