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Credit Card Claims

Do you believe that your credit card company is taking advantage of you by collecting hidden charges or forcing you to pay fees that were not disclosed ahead of time? Do you believe that they have made errors on your bills?

Like all other businesses, credit card companies must take great care to ensure they are not violating the rights of consumers.

If a credit card company has violated your rights, you can take action against them. You can seek compensation for the damages they have caused.

Signs of Credit Card Company Wrongdoing

With all of the fine print that credit card companies provide when people sign up, it can be challenging to discern which charges are legitimate and which charges are erroneous.

Some examples of credit card company wrongdoing:

• A credit card company offers a low interest rate, stating in the agreement that to maintain the interest rate, the customer must only make monthly minimum payments. Later, the credit card company charges a monthly fee in order for customers to maintain the interest rate.

• A credit card company charges an excessive transaction fee in purchases outside of the United States, a fee which is hidden in the exchange rate

You May Not be the Only One Who Has Been Impacted

The lawyers at the Texas law firm of Caddell & Chapman have more than two decades of experience handling nationwide consumer protection cases involving the unfair business practices of credit card companies.

The first thing we do when we review your case is determine whether other people have been subjected to the same unfair business practices.

We have the experience and resources to pursue class action lawsuits designed to get compensation not only for you, but for other customers who have suffered damages at the hands of the credit card company. Caddell & Chapman has successfully pursued these types of claims against Experian, Equifax, and Trans Union.

Contact us today at our office in Houston to discuss your case with an experienced attorney.

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