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Houston Lawyer For Trade Secrets

Do you believe that a trade secret has been stolen from your business? Has your business been accused of illegally obtaining a trade secret that belongs to another business?

At the law firm of Caddell & Chapman, we take an aggressive, creative stance in major trade secret litigation. This has allowed us to get results in extremely challenging cases, cases that often involve opponents much larger than our clients.

How Was a Trade Secret Compromised?

Trade secrets can range from recipes that provide restaurants with distinctly flavored foods to processes that allow factories to achieve high levels of production. They can also include things like customer lists and sales leads. These secrets are designed to give businesses an edge over competitors. For that reason, competitors are frequently trying to learn these secrets.

A trade secret can be compromised when an employee defects to a competing company, bringing privileged information with them. Often, this is in violation of non-disclosure agreements or confidentiality agreements.

Caddell & Chapman successfully litigated a commercial disparagement, defamation, and unfair competition case against a major U.S. corporation in which the firm ultimately settled issues of trade secrets, patent infringement, and future lost profits. Moreover, the firm was successful in obtaining a substantial recovery in another trade secrets case against a Fortune 500 company after the firm reversed a trial court summary judgment on appeal and successfully defended a counter suit for anti-trust tying at trial in federal court.

Less frequently, trade secrets can be compromised by corporate espionage or other acts of deliberate theft on the part of a competing business.

Representing Businesses Nationwide

From our office in Houston, our attorneys can travel throughout Texas and across the United States to represent businesses in trade secret litigation.

With more than two decades of experience on our side, we have developed a reputation for skillfully toppling major opponents. We can provide your business with the representation necessary to level the playing field.

Contact us today to discuss your case with an experienced lawyer.

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