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Oil and Gas Litigation

Businesses in the oil and gas industry are often faced with challenges that other businesses never have to deal with.

In order to move forward, these businesses require the assistance of a law firm with a unique set of skills. The law firm of Caddell & Chapman has a proven record of using such skills for the benefit of clients.

Our lawyers believe in taking a hands-on approach to every case. We believe in being thorough and being complete to maximize the opportunities we have to help our clients achieve their goals.

Handling all Types of Oil and Gas Litigation

As in any other industry, disputes can arise at any time for oil and gas businesses. The difference is that many of these disputes surround issues that are unique to the industry.

Disputes can arise over royalties. Frequently, businesses are accused of not paying royalties to the owners of land they are using or to the owners of mineral rights.

Disputes can also arise over questions of who owns mineral rights and who has the ability to collect royalties.

Oil and gas businesses are also susceptible to unusual forms of property damage, particularly explosions or oil well fires. These accidents can lead to insurance bad faith litigation or litigation over the injuries caused to workers.

Representing Businesses Throughout the United States

Based on Houston, our law firm offers representation to oil and gas businesses in Texas and nationwide.

For more than two decades, we have worked hard to achieve positive results for our clients. We have made a name for ourselves by using an aggressive, creative approach to get results for the businesses we represent.

Contact us today to discuss your case with an experienced attorney.

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