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Institutional Investor Litigation

Pension funds, school funds, private equity funds, and other institutional investors are often targets of investor fraud. There is legal recourse available to help these investors recoup losses suffered due to securities fraud, broker fraud, and other forms of fraud.

The lawyers at the law firm of Caddell & Chapman are specifically dedicated to significant cases that involve high levels of complexity. Our reputation was built by being able to reach our clients' objectives efficiently and economically, even in highly challenging circumstances.

When Securities Laws are Violated

Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) violations can prove costly. Frequently, an institutional investor will invest in a business. Due to misrepresentations in offering memorandums or other misleading information, the investor will believe they are making a positive decision, only to lose large amounts of money.

Our investigation frequently reveals fraud that involves ponzi schemes, stolen funds, representations made by companies that were clearly in violation of Rule 10B-5, and other securities laws.

After determining the violation, we will take action. We can take on both businesses and third parties that have defrauded institutional investors.

Representing Businesses Throughout the United States

Our law firm offers nationwide representation from our base in Houston, Texas.

We bring more than two decades of experience to every investment fraud case we handle. This enables us to move confidently from one courtroom to the next, using our aggressive, creative approach to build an impressive reputation for results. We can take on the biggest opponents and still meet our clients' objectives.

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