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Business Fraud Litigation

Our attorneys have extensive experience resolving the most complex business fraud lawsuits. We represent businesses that have been the victims of fraud. We defend businesses that have been accused of fraud.

In every case, the lawyers at the law firm of Caddell & Chapman take an aggressive, creative approach to obtaining results. We are willing to explore unique options in order to achieve success, and we are willing to follow through to the very finish in order to reach a positive resolution.

Types of Business Fraud

Fraud can arise at nearly every turn during the life of a business. Typically, these allegations arise in the context of the purchase or sale of a business or part of a business. They can also come up any time a contract is entered into.

Frequently, business fraud comes down to contract interpretation issues. Questions over the applicability of integration clauses and other details often come to the forefront.

In other cases, there may be allegations of blatant misrepresentation. A business may have been sold by telling the buyer that the profitability of the business was much higher than it actually turned out to be.

These issues may involve fraud in the inducement, cases in which one party promised an extra-contractual benefit that they did not fulfill.

For instance, in a 1998 partnership entered into between Tetco Stores, L.P., Spot Services L.P., and Mobil Oil Corporation, there was an alleged breach of contract and fraud with respect to the marketing of fuel in Texas. Caddell & Chapman represented Tetco Stores, L.P. and Spot Services L.P. against Exxon Mobil Oil Corporation in this commercial dispute. After a five-week trial in San Antonio, Texas, the jury awarded $31.4 million in breach of contract damages to Tetco Stores and $2.2 million in fraud damages to Spot Services.

Caddell & Chapman was also involved in a national class action commercial fraud and antitrust price fixing case involving the metal building insulation industry, which resulted in a $1.7 million cash settlement without any objections from the class.

Representing Businesses Throughout the United States

Based in Houston, our law firm has spent more than two decades representing businesses throughout Texas and on a nationwide basis.

Our reputation is built on our ability to walk into any courtroom and achieve our client's goals, even when facing large, multinational businesses.

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